Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Yarra Yering Dry Red Wine No. 5, 2006

My introduction to the wines of Yarra Yering was a blurry one. I was terribly hungover and late for lunch with the winemaker. My eyes stung and my mouth tasted of paste. I showed up at a nice restaurant looking a little underdressed. The restaurant's wine buyer looked disapprovingly through his ultra-fashionable specs while the importer smiled knowingly at me. The winemaker was Australian, so he didn't really seem to give a shit. It took several glasses of fizzy water before I felt able to hold my own in conversation. A few pieces of bread and then I could ask questions. The wines blew me away. We tasted a bunch. Complex, understated, balanced. I felt too dreadful to take notes that day but have pursued the wines at every opportunity since.

So today's a rainy day and a perfect one to open one of the wines I didn't try that hazy day two years ago. This is a Touriga Nacional. I've never tried a Touriga Nacional from Australia. Until now, that is.

Deep with an odd hint of rust - reminiscent of Nebbiolo or a deep Pinot Noir.

Earthy and savoury on the nose, dark spicy brambly fruit with forest floor notes, cedar and cinammon with a hint of blood.

Lovely poise on the palate. Soft spice wrapped around slightly sour red and black berries. This is elegant and perfumed with just a touch of darkness on the finish. There is juicy red fruit acidity that runs through from start to the lingering end, providing lovely structure.

This is not the wine I expected, though I expected it to be good. This is elegant, feminine and really rather stunning.


Tasted at Luvians Bottleshop 8/6/2010

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