Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chave Hermitage 1999

It's been some time. I've been busy settling into London, writing books and the like. Last month, accompanied by a former colleague, I headed to The Sampler and trolled their lovely bottles for tiny tastes of joy. They did not disappoint. I've never tried a wine from Chave I didn't like. I was only somewhat saddened that they didn't have any white open for tasting.

Burgundian colour.

Pretty and meaty. Crushed dried flowers, raspberries and a bit of leather. Quite stony.

Those raspberries join cherries on the palate. Bright, crunchy fruit wrapped in dusty, still slightly rasping tannic clutch. Beautiful finish that opens up and releases purple flowers as it drifts off.


Tasted 14 September 2012 at The Sampler

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