Thursday, July 04, 2013

i'm back

I submitted the manuscript last Sunday night, and the book is fully funded (though you can still support it here).

Here's a fairly ordinary Champagne that you should avoid. More soon.

Barnaut Grand Cru Blanc de Noirs Bouzy

Good pale gold. Speedy, tiny bubbles. 

Bruised strawberries, green apples, a bit of hay and shortbread. Perhaps a touch of cocoa. 

Toothsome, but a bit one dimensional. There's some nice red fruit acidity. But the finish lasts longer than the mousse, giving a still wine texture at the end. That bizarre disjointed note undermines it a bit for me. It should be better, because its simplicity is hugely enjoyable.

Getting a bit thin with air. Becomes less pleasant. 


Tasted somewhere in Fulham, 2 June 2013

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