Sunday, July 31, 2005

Burra Burra Lone Star Shiraz 2001

The colour is deep purple at the rim and almost black at the core. Big legs, unsurprising as it weighs in at 14.5%!

The nose a bit understated, sweet cassis and pepper with earthy, almost charcoal tones. Floral notes on the edge combined with a slight herbiness give it a bit more dimension than most of the rubbish Aussie powerhouse jam that's kicking about and commanding high prices...

The palate is big and tannic - Nice integration between wood and fruit. The cassis doesn't follow through from the nose though, instead there's black forest fruit with great earthy secondary flavours. This is pretty bloody good actually. And at £14.99 not bad value. The finish isn't quite as lingering as I'd hoped, but there's none of the jammy sweetness that many of these winemakers seem to think they need in order to sell wine.


Available from Luvians

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