Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Niepoort Charmes 2006

Bin-ends can be a mixed bag. Sometimes a delight is discovered, and your wine world grows just a little.

Quite pale, with ruby and lavender. Looks Burgundian, or possibly Chianti-like.

Crushed violets with wild strawberries and a touch of framboise liqueur on the end.

Plush on the palate - gentle tannins grip the roof of the mouth but don't scrape the tongue. Perfumed strawberries and cranberries with some hints of spice as well. It's reaching all the nooks and crannies of the palate. It fools you into bonjour it's quite light, though I reckon it would stand up to the richest of game and stinkiest of cheeses. Very sexy mouthfeel. The finish loiters, furtively. Fantastic.


Tasted at Luvians 8/1/2011


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